About us

In the year 2007 3D-ONE spun out from Dutch company cosine through the development of a stereoscopic camera for 3D viewing inside the International Space Station.
The camera was developed for ESA in close  cooperation with Austrian company Entner Electronics. The first cameras where used in Space by Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli to film the international space station in 3D

After the launch of the first 3D camera into space 3D-ONE continued to pioneer the stereoscopic camera technology and developed world’s first point and shoot camera for 3D movie recording. Although the camera delivered exceptional value for money the market for 3D television turned towards animation movies. Upon this market turn 3D-ONE refocused its business to supply OEM customers in medical and industrial applications.

In the years after the turn around 3D-ONE intensified the cooperation with Entner Electronics to develop versatile solutions that combine imaging, application-specific sensors and computing power into intelligent solutions for applications were standard vision systems are too bulky, too expensive or too inflexible. Applications are found in mobile systems for streetview applications and 3D-microscopes for medical applications. Further 3D-ONE developed the Avior hyperspectral camera as a partner to Belgium research institute IMEC. Backed by its founder cosine with extensive knowledge in hyperspectral imaging the Avior camera is used in grading & sorting systems for the food & pharma industry.

In 2018 Entner Electronics acquired the activities of 3D-ONE to form a powerful supplier of advanced imaging solutions for the embedded vision market. 3D-ONE remains as a brand-name of Entner Electronics for the development and series delivery of products for hyperspectral imaging, stereoscopic imaging and customized systems that integrate sensor technology with processing hardware and software.